About the Reviewers Marc Grabanski got involved early

About the Reviewers Marc Grabanski got involved early on with jQuery by authoring what would become the jQuery UI Datepicker. He works, arguably too much, building user interfaces and web software all the day long with his company MJG International. If I were to thank anyone it would be Jesus Christ for transforming me from a video game addict into something useful to society and the people around me. Akash Mehta is a web application developer and technical author based in Australia. His area of work covers e-learning solutions, information systems, and developer training. He regularly writes web development articles for Adobe, CNet, the APC Magazine, and other publications in print and online. He is a regular speaker at IT conferences, user groups, and BarCamps. Currently, Akash provides web development, technical writing, consulting, and training services through his website, http://bitmeta.org/. I would like to thank my parents, for their constant support and encouragement, and Sophie, for her enduring patience and amazing inspiration.

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