About the Author Dan Wellman lives with his

About the Author Dan Wellman lives with his wife and three children in his home town of Southampton on the south coast of England. By day his mild-mannered alter-ego works for a small yet accomplished e-commerce production agency. By night he battles the forces of darkness and fights for truth, justice, and less intrusive JavaScript. He has been writing computer-related articles, tutorials, and reviews for around five years and is rarely very far from a keyboard of some description. This is his third book. I’d like to thank the Packt editorial team, all of the technical reviewers and the jQuery UI team, without whom this book would not have been possible. Special thanks go to J rn Zaefferer who provided essential feedback and was always happy to answer my late-night, niggling questions. Thanks also to my fantastic friends, in no particular order; Steve Bishop, Eamon O’ Donoghue, James Zabiela, Andrew Herman, Aaron Matheson, Dan Goodall, Mike Woodford, Mike Newth, John Adams, Jon Field and Vicky Hammond and all the rest of the guys and girls.

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