416 CHAPTER 13 CASE STUDY: USING PHP (Web site translator)

416 CHAPTER 13 CASE STUDY: USING PHP FOR AN XML APPLICATION Summary In this chapter, I worked through an application that uses PHP, MySQL, XML, and XSLT to display and manage weather content. The application stores all of the data within a MySQL database. The application retrieves the relevant database records with PHP 5. It uses the new PHP 5 DomDocument object to generate the XML document. The structure of the generated XML documents is flexible enough to cope with several different scenarios. In order to display the XML content within the application, I used XSLT stylesheet transformations to generate XHTML. You saw how to use XSLT variables and include conditional logic in the stylesheets. This chapter wraps up the book. I hope you ve enjoyed reading about XML and that you ve expanded your knowledge. XML is a flexible approach to building both client- and server-side web applications, and I hope the contents of this book will make you as enthusiastic about XML as I am!
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