CHAPTER 13 CASE STUDY: USING PHP FOR (Apache web server)

CHAPTER 13 CASE STUDY: USING PHP FOR AN XML APPLICATION 413 The stylesheet needs to check the value of the $numTemp variable. If the value is 0, there are no weather records, and it will display an appropriate message: There are currently no entries for If the value isn t 0, there are weather details that the stylesheet can display. As I m writing this from Australia, I use the Celsius temperature scale. The database stores the temperatures in Celsius, but the application needs to display both Celsius and Fahrenheit values. The stylesheet converts the existing Celsius temperatures to Fahrenheit values and stores them in variables: The stylesheet displays the weather outlook using images designed by Gavin Cromhout. You can find them in the imagesfolder. It chooses the images in the following way: Outlook:
<img src=”images/ .jpg” width=”100″ height=”80″ . alt=” ” />
It then displays the minimum and maximum temperatures in a table:

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